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New!  Watch our instructional videos to get a better handle on the nuances of boat handling.  Sometimes it all comes at you too quickly while on the boat and you miss critical learning points.  Clear video with analysis and commentary works like a coaching replay session to see what you can't always see in the heat of the moment.

A few hours of personalized coaching customized to your priorities can reduce your stress and dramatically enhance your enjoyment of sailing. Delivered on your boat, with your equipment. Maximum 4 students for optimal learning.

Getting your boat from A to B can be a source of some anxiety.  We can deliver your boat safely.  We operate primarily in Pacific Northwest waters but may be available further afield.  Give us a call to discuss.


Marco is a natural teacher, takes teaching very seriously, and is excellent at explaining things.  The hands-on experiences were invaluable - for instance, he taught us how to confidently back into a slip … a skill which is not only very useful but which became a source of pride for me when docking in tight situations.

- Dennis Vetter

In a series of hands-on lessons with Marco, my wife and I became proficient at handling the boat in both wind and calm and went on to enjoy sailing and exploring our wonderful BC coastline. Marco's skill at teaching is only surpassed by his skill and knowledge of sailing - he is a natural at both.

- Hal Barber

Marco is the best instructor ever - he kept me off the rocks - no groundings to this day!

- Eric Eder

One aspect I really appreciated about Marco’s teaching style: he would let me take the helm in situations I wasn't very experienced with and then challenge me “post mortem” to explain/defend why I handled it the way I did. It really “seated” the learning experience for me.

- Dennis Vetter

About Us

Do you want to:

🗸 focus on a specific sailing skill that makes you nervous?

🗸 take your sailing abilities to the next level?

🗸 learn sailing skills in private, without a group of onlookers?

🗸 learn to work seamlessly with your sailing partner(s)?

🗸 refresh your sailing knowledge and skills?

🗸 softly introduce your partner to the joy of sailing?

🗸 any other reason that a full-scale group-style sailing course is not for you...

We provide focused sail training - targeted at specific sailing skills - through both online courses and private instruction.

We go beyond the basic sailing course curriculum to zero-in on specific areas that sailors find challenging to learn and difficult to master.

We turn nervous sailors into confident sailors and anxious couples into harmonious teams.

(For more about our credentials, check our About page)

Marco Coda, Sail Canada Instructor Evaluator
Marco Coda, Sail Canada Instructor Evaluator
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