About Us

Proficient sailing - the kind of sailing where you feel confident that you know what you're doing, where you're not second guessing what to do next, where you're aware of the changing conditions around you and adapting to the situation at hand - can be difficult to learn.

Some of it is about mastering the technical aspects of operating your sailboat, some is memorizing and following the principles of navigation, some is understanding how the boat reacts in relation to wind, current, propeller and rudder and much is about gaining and reflecting on your experiences.

While the basic fundamentals are taught in standard sailing courses, the nuances that can solidify concepts are often missing, either because the instructor's experience or enthusiasm are lacking or because there is simply not enough time to learn it all.  But it's the nuances that can turn a nervous sailor into a confident sailor.  Or an anxious couple into a competent team.

My name is Marco Coda and I’m a certified Sail Canada Cruising Instructor Evaluator.  I've been teaching keelboat sailing since 1997, throughout the Pacific Northwest.  I owned and operated a sail cruising school for ten years, teaching basic, intermediate and advanced cruising as well as coastal navigation.  I have also been responsible for teaching and certifying other cruising instructors on behalf of Sail Canada.

Teaching "above and beyond" is what I do, and enthusiastically conveying my knowledge and experience in a way that people can absorb it is what jazzes me.  My greatest reward is in seeing and hearing from students about their sailing achievements in the face of challenges.

I hope to meet you one day out on the water - until then, I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Marco Coda, Sail Canada Instructor Evaluator