Docking Made Easy

Master the art of docking
Learn to dock your sailboat with ease and confidence

A video-based training program that demystifies the art of docking a sailboat

Wouldn't you love to dock under perfect control while your crew steps slowly and gracefully off the boat?

"...I'm feeling much more comfortable handling the boat in close quarters..."

"I have to say that the course has been very useful! We stream it onto the big TV and watch the videos together.

My husband and I went out and tried the practice exercises you had in the course particularly the ones on reversing into a slip. I'm feeling much more comfortable handling the boat in close quarters after working through the exercises on our boat."

Vancouver, BC

"...It really did remove the mystery..."

"The Docking Made Easy video series arrived at just the right time for me. After a number of years of trial and error learning, this series laid out the principles that let me debug what was going on in a variety of circumstances. It really did remove the mystery around how to get finer grained control over the situation.

Just this past weekend I chose to go backwards into a moorage situation, and it was exactly the right thing to do."

Christian Nally
Galiano Island, BC

(USD) $99.00

Marco Coda, Sail Canada Instructor Evaluator

Hi, I'm Marco Coda

Sail Canada Instructor for over 20 years

I love the challenge of docking – but it wasn’t always that way. It took many years of experience and practice to gather the "aha" moments and piece them together into effective strategies.

Docking can be done the hard way or the easy way. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and I’d love to share my experience with you.

What You'll Learn

If you're not completely comfortable handling your vessel under power, and maneuvering in tight spaces, this course is for you.

With the help of video demonstrations, aerial footage, animations and comprehensive explanations, you'll learn:

  • How different forces and factors affect the maneuvering of your boat – and how they can work for you or against you
  • How to use these factors to your advantage
  • How to prepare for your arrival at the dock to maximize safety and control
  • How to choose your approach strategically based on your specific situation
  • How to plan and prepare for your departure – which can sometimes be as tricky as arriving

What to Expect from the Course

You’ll receive 12 video-based lessons, including:

Lesson 1:  Understanding the Factors at Work - the 6 forces and factors that impact your efforts to dock successfully
Lesson 2:  Using the Factors for Success - the skills you should have in order to improve your ability to dock proficiently
Lesson 3:  Steering Effectively in Reverse - the secret weapon that doubles your options
Lesson 4:  Preparation for Arrival at the Dock - planning ahead and setting up
Lesson 5:  Arrival Bow In - how to dock bow in, with a port or starboard tie
Lesson 6:  Arrival Stern In - how to dock stern in, with a port or starboard tie
Lesson 7:  Preparation for Departure - planning ahead and setting up
Lesson 8:  Departure Bow Out - how to depart bow out, from a port or starboard tie
Lesson 9:  Departure Stern Out - how to depart stern out, from a port or starboard tie
Lesson 10: Docking with Crew - who does what, when, for optimal efficiency
Lesson 11: Securing the Vessel - tying up safely to avoid issues while you're away or when preparing to depart
Lesson 12: Working with Wind - how to adjust your strategy when wind becomes a factor

Lessons include practice exercises that build your skills and confidence and video transcripts for further review.

And this course is evergreen – meaning you can access any part of it and any updates whenever you want for the lifetime of the course.

(USD) $99.00

Docking Made Easy Course Page
Docking Made Easy Course Page

How You'll Learn

Demonstrations using aerial and on-the-water footage – it’s as though you were there – except you can watch them over and over to absorb the details

Animations of the main factors and mechanics to clearly isolate and illustrate how each factor affects your boat

Suggestions for practice - turn the theory into experience

Who This Course is For

People who have their own boat but no formal docking training

People who have learned to sail but have not mastered docking and want to improve their skills

People who don’t sail regularly and need a refresher on docking

People who act as first mate or crew and want to work together as a part of the team more effectively

People who are preparing for a holiday charter

Equipment Needed to Complete the Course

Access to a computer and the internet to watch the videos and read the materials.

Access to a boat would be ideal to practice the techniques but, like a book (only much better) you can still learn the principles from the course alone.

Refund Policy

If you decide that the course is not for you, we’ll be happy to issue you a refund within the first 30 days after purchase, no questions asked.

(USD) $99.00